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Kitty Keller

2023 Jesuit Nutcracker "Men for Others" Christmas Ornament

2023 Jesuit Nutcracker "Men for Others" Christmas Ornament

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About Cloisonne

Every cloisonne ornament includes original artwork designed by Kitty Keller, which is then hand-crafted using a time-honored and meticulous process. The results? A genuine and one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Cloisonne, which means “to compartmentalize,” is an ancient art form introduced to China by western travelers in the 14th century.

The process includes:

  • The design is initially drawn on the copper ball.
  • Highly trained artisans take copper wires, in bundles of 20, and form and shape the design on the ornament. After the wires are shaped, they are placed onto the copper ball and soldered.
  • After the cloisons are created, they are filled with paint. The paint is a colored-glass paste (or enamel). The paste is colored with metallic oxide and mixed to match PMS colors.
  • The ornament is fired at about 800° Celsius. The enamel can sometimes shrink, so the painting/firing process might have to be repeated.
  • The ornaments are then cooled, polished, and plated in 24k gold.

Every piece is handmade using this very detailed process, meaning that no two ornaments are identical. We’re thrilled to share revered cloisonne pieces with the world. Our exclusive partnerships support indigenous Chinese artisans and a 1,000-year-old tradition. Kitty Keller Designs is the only boutique to provide authentically hand-crafted cloisonne ornaments in the world. Experience the difference only found here.

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